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Posts tagged "Divorce"

Is collaborative divorce right for you?

Florida couples who want to end their marriages amicably have more options now than ever before. It is no longer necessary to allow a judge to make the decisions. Couples can use mediation or collaborative divorce to devise their own settlement agreement, which can be tailored to their needs and the needs of the entire family.

Annulments: making your marriage disappear

When people are struggling in their marriage or have decided to end the relationship, they can often find themselves thinking, "I wish I had never gotten married." While we can't go back in time and stop someone from tying the knot, it can be possible to treat the marriage as if it never existed, if only in the eyes of the law.

Do 'quickie' marriages end with 'quickie' divorces?

Recently, it was reported that actor Johnny Depp and his wife of just 15 months, Amber Heard, are getting divorced. This story has raised questions similar to the one posed in this headline, especially among people in a situation like Depp and Heard's: those who are divorcing after a short marriage.

Still want to 'take walks' with your ex after divorce?

The goal of every divorce is not the same. Sure, the common thread is that couples want to end their marriages, but not all couples want to end their relationships. There are those who split up and would prefer to never talk again. There are those who are somewhere else on the relationship spectrum who worry about protecting their bond with an ex.