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Posts tagged "Divorce"

Considering some important financial issues in divorce negotiations, P.2

Last time, we began discussing some of the important issues that need to be considered when dealing with the financial aspects of divorce. As we noted, there is the importance of taking stock of one’s own financial situation and ensuring that one’s spouse is fully disclosing his or her assets. This is particularly important for the financially weaker party or the party who will have primary custody of the children. Negotiation fits within the laws of the state concerning property division as well as the terms of any valid agreement between the spouses.

Considering some important financial issues in divorce negotiations, P.3

We’ve been looking in recent posts at some of the issues couples need to keep in mind when approaching financial negotiations in divorce. Negotiation of property and assets division should, we said last time, take into account tax costs and couples should look out for their own credit health.

Considering some important financial issues in divorce negotiations, P.1

Along with the issue of child custody, finances are the most important issue couples have to deal with in divorce. Each couple, of course, has its own unique circumstances and there is no single strategy that works in every case. There are, however, certain issues that should be carefully considered in preparing for divorce and negotiating divorce terms.

Divorce, the ides of March, and the dog days of summer

The original "National Lampoon's Vacation" film documents the trials and tribulations of a family taking a summer break to a popular destination. On the road to WallyWorld, the married Griswolds see their relationship put to the test amidst the significant stress of travel setbacks. The "Christmas Vacation" sequel showed similar strife. The patriarch was consumed with anxiety over not receiving his holiday bonus as his house overflowed with equally frustrating family members.

Why you might be more likely to get divorced this month

People typically don't make the decision to divorce overnight. Oftentimes, the decision comes after other options and efforts have been exhausted, and when one or both people come to terms with the fact that their feelings have changed or that their marriage is broken beyond repair. There is no fixed rule for deciding when to file for divorce.

Divorce: choosing the right path for your family

You may have had myriad reasons for getting married. The biggest one is most likely that you loved the other person. Besides the physical and emotional attraction to your spouse, you may have also considered your financial future, the opportunity to purchase property and that you wished to raise a family together.