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Posts tagged "Divorce"

Division of marital property: interspousal gifts and the issue of donative intent

One of the points we’ve previously mentioned on this blog is that it is important for couples, when dividing assets, to determine what property is separate and what property is part of the marital estate. Again, marital assets include those acquired during the marriage by either spouse, any increase in value and appreciation of separate property resulting from the efforts or contributions of either part during the marriage, and any value tied up in retirement, plans, insurance plans, and other benefit and funds.

Legislation aims to reform alimony law in Florida

We’ve been looking in our last several posts at the topic of spousal support or alimony, and when a spouse is entitled to support under Florida law. As we noted, several types of alimony are awarded in Florida—rehabilitative, durational and permanent—and the conditions for an award are bound by certain conditions and determined by judicial discretion.

Protecting business assets from divorce an important task, P.3

Last time, we began discussing the important topic of protecting business assets from being divided in divorce. As we noted, one important issue in dividing business assets is to determine the share in those assets to which each spouse is entitled, and this can be complicated. Ideally, couples will take appropriate steps to protect their business assets well in advance of divorce, making the issue easier to address.

When is a spouse entitled to alimony in a Florida divorce? P.1

Child custody and property division are typically the most important issues that are dealt with in the divorce process, though in some cases alimony can also be an important issue. This is especially true in cases where a former spouse, for whatever reason, faces the strong prospect of difficult financial circumstances after divorce.

Work with experienced legal counsel to prevent asset-hiding in divorce, P.3

We’ve been discussing in recent posts the issue of asset-hiding in property division, and the importance of working with an experienced attorney to minimize the possibility of asset-hiding. As we mentioned last time, an experienced attorney will know how to make best use of the discovery process to obtain as much evidence as possible about the opposing party’s financial profile.

Work with experienced legal counsel to prevent asset-hiding in divorce, P.2

Previously, we began discussing the discovery process in the context of property division, and the importance of working with experienced legal counsel to gather all the evidence necessary to reach a just resolution to the case. Of particular concern, we noted, is the possibility of asset-hiding.

Work with experienced legal counsel to prevent asset-hiding in divorce, P.1

Determining who gets what property in divorce is one of the central issues couples have to work through in divorce. Different couples, of course, have different financial profiles and circumstances, and need to build an appropriate negotiation strategy based on these factors.