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Why it can be crucial to lean on your attorney when filing a lien

Construction projects have the potential to be lengthy, complex undertakings. In many cases, there isn't just one task being tackled or one party taking on the completion of every project. Because there are so many elements in motion and people involved in a construction, demolition or rebuilding job, there are plenty of opportunities for disputes to arise.

Failure to supply proper materials leads to costly delays

The construction of any building can only be as strong as its design and materials. If either of these elements is inadequate or unsafe, the building can be compromised. Unfortunately, these shortcomings may not be apparent until after a building has already been completed if developers and the other parties involved fail to properly identify compromised materials or design.

Note: Proper notice for mechanic's liens is crucial

Construction projects have the potential seriously disrupt a party's use of a property, though the expectation is that any disruption will be temporary, and that the ends will justify the means. However, some Florida homeowners could face permanent loss of property if a mechanic's lien is filed.

Lawsuit filed against developer for unpaid services

Contracts are among the most essential elements of any business relationship. These legal documents establish rules, set expectations and lay out conditions of the relationship so that both parties can be clear on what is to be provided or done. Without these documents, any legal disputes that arise can boil down to one party's word against the other's word.

What should I look for in a builder to minimize disputes?

Building or renovating your home is an incredible undertaking, whether you are redoing one room or starting the structure from scratch. During these projects, every dollar and every day counts, which means you want to be sure you are working with a builder you can trust and have a contract in place that is explicit in its guidelines and expectations.

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