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Posts tagged "Construction Defects"

Things to think about if you're buying a preconstruction condo

A spacious open floor plan. Large glass windows that look toward the stunning blue waters of Florida's Gulf Coast. Luxurious high-end finishes throughout. It's a dream property. The only downside is, it is not actually built yet.

'Construction defect' is a broad term

"Construction defect" is a common term used in the construction industry. Unfortunately, finding a definitive description for the term is not so simple. Construction defects not only vary depending on the interests and viewpoints of the individuals involved, but statutory definitions vary by state.

How to choose the right contractor in Florida

When you choose a contractor to do construction work on your home, you need to be able to trust that they will get the job done well. Many people's livelihoods are ruined by construction defects that not only cost thousands of dollars, but also lead to a devaluation of their home. Here are some tips to ensure that you make the best possible choices for you and your home.

Dealing with cosmetic construction defects in new builds

When you have a new home built for your family, you may have a picture in your mind of exactly how you expect your home to look. By idealizing the project, you may feel disappointed when you see the finished product. Perhaps your builder did not install the exact faucet you asked for or maybe a door is hanging in an uneven manner.

Water leakage: Construction defects that can destroy your project

Keeping water out of a structure is arguably the most important element of construction. This is so while a structure is being built and after the project has concluded. Construction defects that enable moisture to seep into a building can destroy the entire project, especially if the defects are not noticed or go unaddressed for a long time.