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estate planning Archives

Establishing a durable power of attorney in Florida

It is an important part of a full life to plan for the disposition of one's assets and liabilities towards the end of life. Florida's high population of aging citizens has made the state a center for estate law and other services that help people plan to disburse their property and money according to their wishes.

3 health care documents to consider when planning for incapacity

It starts as a blurry image, but as we rack up the birthdays, the picture becomes much clearer. We will catch the "OLD" disease. Our bodies start failing. Our mind slips. Simply put: a time in which we won't be able to make medical decisions for ourselves becomes more likely.

Should millennials have estate plans?

If you are a baby boomer and feel as if millennials are from another planet, chances are you are not alone. After all, many millennials are unattached (or not necessarily interested) in organized politics or religion. They gravitate more towards causes forged through social media and are more likely burdened by student loan debt.

Leveling the Playing Field for Retirement Investors

Investors were given a great reason to cheer on June 9, 2017. New rules formally took effect which will impact the way retirement-savers deal with the large, varied group of financial professionals who seek to provide them with financial services and products. With 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring daily for the next 15 years, this is big news.