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construction defects Archives

What to do when a new condominium community is fraught with defects

It's a common economic pattern we've observed before: The Florida economy begins to hum and is accompanied by a building boom. Construction industry health almost always accompanies an upturn in the overall economy. Real estate development spikes, and to meet the increasing demand, new condos come up seemingly overnight.

The walls came tumbling down

We're fortunate to live in Florida. Our beaches, resorts, golf courses and sunshine make this a destination nearly everyone wants to move to or visit. Folks in Reno, Nevada, are similarly blessed to live where nature's beauty is on display from Lake Tahoe to the nearby mountains.

A billion-dollar price tag for construction defects in Connecticut

In what amounts to a real estate nightmare, thousands of Connecticut homeowners are faced with crumbling foundations, and the insurance company responsible for footing the repair bills claims there isn't enough money to go around. It's a worst-case-scenario that illustrates just how bad construction defects can get.

How Florida's extension of construction defect deadline could play out

Regular readers of our legal blog know that back in March, Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill to extend the Statute of Repose. The statute is, of course, the ultimate deadline for latent construction defect claims. Some observers believe the extension will result in higher insurance premiums for developers, contractors and the real estate industry.

What steps should associations take when construction defects come to light?

Construction defects can be a huge headache for property owners associations. While Florida law provides a process for holding the right parties accountable, it can be tricky to navigate that process with all its deadlines and procedural requirements. That's why it's so important for associations to follow the right steps as soon as an issue comes to light.

When construction defects reach the sky

Well-traveled readers will be familiar with one of the most legendary building errors of all time: the picturesque white-marble bell tower in Tuscany, on Italy's west coast. While the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a tourist attraction that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, its fate was never intended for another sky-reaching structure built centuries later: San Francisco's Millennium Tower.

Latent vs. patent construction defects: What's the difference (and why does it matter)?

If you've ever had the misfortune of dealing with construction defects, you know what a headache they can be, particularly when they affect an entire condo or residential community. Such far-reaching defects can cost a fortune to fix.

"Crazing defect" means window replacement at new courthouse

An unusual situation in California illustrates how construction defects can impact virtually any aspect of the structure, whether residential or commercial. It involves downtown San Diego courthouse with bullet-resistant windows. The courthouse rose near the ocean more than a year late and at a cost of more than $550 million. Now, less than nine months after it opened, it needs a complete window replacement.

4 pitfalls associations should avoid when facing construction defects

Construction defects are costly problems for associations. Condos, townhomes and single-family developments are prone to defects from both the original construction and later renovations. When defects affect common elements, they become the responsibility - and the headache - of the association.

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