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Construction defects commonly found in condos

Condominiums, commonly known as condos, are different from houses or apartments but share traits of both. Like a house, condo owners have considerable freedom to renovate and remodel the inside of their living space. However, like apartments, they cannot change anything outside their room or in common areas shared by residents. It is the responsibility of the condominium association to make changes that affect all people living in the building.

Unfortunately, as with all kinds of buildings, condos sometimes suffer from construction defects. If the defect is in the building itself, the condominium association must evaluate the damage and decide how to proceed.

Kinds of construction problems

Condos are at risk for many types of problems, but a few are more commonly seen than others. The most common problem was construction deficiencies, which can cover a range of problems such as:

  • Leaky waterproofing: You don’t want water flooding your apartment when it rains, but if construction workers didn’t waterproof the condominium properly this could be a big issue. It can cost a lot of money to fix not only the faulty waterproofing job, but also the damage caused by any water that got in.
  • Structural issues: Any damage to load-bearing structures in a building’s design are a cause for concern. No one wants to live in a building that may not be able to support itself. These kinds of problems can be costly to fix and are not always found within a condo’s warranty period.
  • Roof problems: This is sometimes related to waterproofing, but a well-built roof must also be able to withstand the weather. It must last through heavy winds and rain. Loose shingles, mold and gutter issues can all cause problems for condo owners.

When buying a condo, you should get an inspection done before purchase. In smaller condo buildings, an inspector may even be able to perform a full examination of common areas, the roof and other parts of the building.

If you currently live in a condo and have concerns about construction defects, you can ask the condominium association about the building’s warranty and whether it would cover repairs. Otherwise alternative methods for compensation may have to be sought.

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