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September 2019 Archives

QA inspectors say these are the most common construction defects

Let’s say you’re a Florida developer who wants to build a condominium complex. After you hire a contractor to construct the project, you will also likely hire QA (quality assurance) inspectors to check on the progress and quality of the work being done.

Part I: Florida city, county fight to get construction defects fixed

It isn't just Florida homeowners, condominium owners, homeowners' associations and condo owners' associations that struggle with construction defects. According to a recent news article, even government entities can find themselves locked in disputes with general contractors, developers and others over construction defects.

The luxury housing market is booming in Fort Myers and Cape Coral

If you live in or near Fort Myers and Cape Coral, you have probably noticed a surge in development in the past few years. A U.S. Census Bureau report from earlier this year found that the area is among the fastest-growing in the nation with over 750,000 people moving in between the years of 2010 and 2018.

Construction defects commonly found in condos

Condominiums, commonly known as condos, are different from houses or apartments but share traits of both. Like a house, condo owners have considerable freedom to renovate and remodel the inside of their living space. However, like apartments, they cannot change anything outside their room or in common areas shared by residents. It is the responsibility of the condominium association to make changes that affect all people living in the building.

Are luxury houses becoming more popular than condos in Florida?

Luxury condos are oftentimes a good choice for the retiree or "snow-bird" who winters in Florida to escape the cold of their home state. However, recent trends indicate more people are buying single-family homes while the number of condo sales is decreasing. This begs the question: Are luxury vacation homes becoming more popular than condos?

Construction defects lawsuit settlement in the works

Regular readers of our Florida legal blog will recall a post earlier this year on the tilting, sinking Millennium Tower, a luxury high-rise condominium complex. The 58-story structure overlooking the San Francisco Bay features gourmet room service, a wine cellar, fitness center, movie theater, swimming pool and more to its more than 1,000 condo residents.

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