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July 2019 Archives

Labor shortage plays part in rise in Florida construction defect claims

Those who pay attention to news about the national construction industry and the industry here in Florida know that despite the so-called boom in the building business, it is also an industry plagued with an ongoing labor shortage. Developers, general contractors and subcontractors are in many cases unwilling to slow down the pace and take fewer jobs, reluctant to pass up enormous profits available during healthy economic cycles.

Part II: navigating the process of filing a construction defects lawsuit

Regular readers of our Florida legal blog know that in a recent post we laid out steps for your condominium owners association to take when confronted with serious problems such as water intrusion, crumbling facades or foundations, failing plumbing, unsafe balconies or decks, and the like.

Part III: Steps to take after discovering a construction defect

As regular readers of our Florida Legal Blog, you know that in a recent post we described some of the steps owners of a condominium plagued with construction defects should take to ensure that the flaws are fixed or fully compensated for.

Have that Florida condo inspected before you buy

Back in the 1980s, there was a phrase used by President Reagan to describe the U.S. position in discussions with the Soviet Union about nuclear arms reductions: trust, but verify. The nation would trust the Soviets to live up to their agreements, but would need to verify that they had actually done so.

Part II: Steps to take after discovering a construction defect

As regular readers of our Florida legal blog know, we recently discussed in this space steps that condo owner associations should take after discovering design or construction defects. Taking these steps can help to ensure that your organization gets the problems addressed by the developer or contractor or that owners are compensated.

Steps to take after discovering a construction defect

Years go by from the moment a Florida developer decides to build condominiums to the moment the project is finished and units are put onto the market. A sense of relief typically washes over the developer, general contractor, subcontractors, designers and others who were deeply involved in the venture. But that feeling can be fleeting.

What to know about making changes to condominium common areas

Nobody wants a condominium property to fall into disrepair. Not only is it bad for the property owner who sees their investment crumble, it's bad for the individual residents who live there and want their unit value to increase, not crash.

Things to think about if you're buying a preconstruction condo

A spacious open floor plan. Large glass windows that look toward the stunning blue waters of Florida's Gulf Coast. Luxurious high-end finishes throughout. It's a dream property. The only downside is, it is not actually built yet.

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