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Florida condo boom means boom in construction defect claims

The surge in Florida condominium construction in recent years has brought with it a number of positives, including greater selection for consumers that makes it easier to find condos in the right areas at the right prices.

But the condo boom has also brought with it construction defect claims by condominium associations whose members were dismayed to find their new homes plagued with problems such as water leaks, mold, design flaws and more.

A recent article in a prominent newspaper summed it this way: "Every South Florida construction boom brings with it a rise in defect claims by condominium associations against their buildings' developers, builders and design professionals." The Miami Herald points out that the latest wave of construction and defect complaints is slightly different than past waves because so many of today's condo developments are in close physical proximity to one another and that some condo associations are including damage claims against neighboring construction sites.

The condo associations point out that their homeowners' properties are negatively affected by nearby construction and that problems include structural damage, excess dirt, spattered paint, fallen stucco, broken windows and more.

A Miami-area lawsuit alleged that debris from a neighboring construction site damaged balconies, railings, a pool deck, the roof and building fa├žade.

Another lawsuit was filed against the developers of an "ultra-luxe" housing project by the condo association in an adjacent property. The association claimed "millions of dollars in damage" to the lobby, pool deck and parking garage.

If your condo association is concerned about damage caused by nearby construction, contact a law firm experienced in handling complex matters in construction law litigation.

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