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Understaffed general contractors, subcontractors racing to cash in

Some of the fastest growing areas of the country can be found right here in central Florida. The growth in population fuels growth in a number of industries, none of which are more important to economic health than the construction industry.

While construction is booming across much of Florida and the nation, the surge in development does not come without its challenges for both the construction industry and those who in the market for a new home. A recent news article laid out some of the biggest challenges the industry faces, including project delays, volatility in the prices of materials and a tightening labor market that can lead to contractors trying to cut corners because they are short-staffed and eager to get to their next project.

In turn, cutting corners in the construction process can lead to hastily erected structures that are plagued with water leaks, cracked foundations and walls, poorly fitted windows and doors, and similar construction defects.

Another aspect of the tightened labor market is that short-staffed contractors are now farming out some tasks they used to do themselves. That puts more strain on subcontractors who are often dealing with the same difficulties in attracting skilled and qualified workers.

The end result is that there are too often houses, condominiums and townhomes that have been rushed to completion by developers, general contractors and subcontractors who are all eager to cash in while the boom is on.

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