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Strength in numbers: The advantage of a united owners association

It's a familiar saying that spans decades, political affiliations, religions and nationalities: "There is strength in numbers." In the context of our legal blog, the saying refers to the strength a group of condominium owners have when they band together to pursue a construction defects claim against a developer.

Clearly, when a condominium owners association speaks on behalf of dozens or even hundreds of unit owners, their complaints about defects can pack a wallop difficult for a developer to ignore. Of course, some developers might opt to ignore complaints regardless of the numbers behind them, but the strength in numbers will undoubtedly come into play when evidence of widespread defects is presented in negotiations or in court.

In many cases here in Florida, construction defects revolve around water damage and toxic molds that can result from the persistent moisture. The defects are often due to subpar construction and building methods that can include:

  • Rushed construction
  • Undertrained construction workers
  • Low-quality building materials
  • Lax oversight of the project by the developer

Sometimes blame can be shared with inspectors who gloss over deficiencies and code violations that ultimately allow water to seep into structures and collect in ceilings, walls and other parts of the buildings.

The end result can be waterlogged and weakened structures that are a breeding ground for toxic molds that can harm unit owners, their children and visitors. The damages will also typically cause financial damage by drastically diminishing the condo's value and often making a unit impossible to sell.

For more information about your legal options in these matters, contact a Florida attorney experienced in construction defect litigation.

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