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February 2019 Archives

Two types of construction defects

Some things are obvious. Construction done with understrength concrete can result in defects visually obvious to everyone, such as crumbling or cracking walls. Readily apparently construction defects are referred to as obvious or patent defects, while the unseen flaws harder to detect are known as latent.

Brad Pitt's housing foundation faces $20 million construction defect lawsuit

It started out as a charitable project with such laudable goals. After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005, actor Brad Pitt decided to do something about it: He launched a housing foundation to rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward.

How government construction projects compare to private sector: 8 key differences

Construction projects involving local governments can be minefields. It's an entirely different ballgame than the private sector. When it comes to successfully navigating these contracts, understanding the differences is key.

The leaning tower of San Francisco: How construction defects contributed

Construction defects can mar even the most impressive of buildings. Case in point: the Millennium Tower, a luxury high-rise condominium complex overlooking San Francisco Bay. The condo building is home to more than a thousand residents. It offers gourmet room service, street-level shopping, a wine cellar, fitness center, swimming pool and movie theater.

Construction defects plague Miami luxury condo community

When developers announced the sale of the penthouse condo at Miami's Regalia in Sunny Isles Beach, the price and details of its over-the-top luxuries dropped jaws across Florida. The $39 million residence features nearly 11,000 square feet of interior space as well as another 6,000 square feet of terrace and rooftop areas. It comes complete with a pneumatic vacuum-glass elevator to take the owner to the roof, where a sky bar awaits. It also comes with a waterfall cascading into a private pool.

National homebuilder to fork over $78 million in Florida construction defect settlement

The problems surfaced back in 2016 when a Florida homeowners association tried to hire a company to paint the exteriors of their townhouses near Orlando. The association was puzzled when the painting company turned down the job, citing construction defects.

Radon gas reaches toxic levels at Venice condominiums

You can't see it or smell it. But radon - a naturally occurring radioactive gas that seeps through the ground into homes and condos - can pose serious health threats, especially at high concentrations. It's the leading cause of non-tobacco-related lung cancer and has been linked to other cancers as well, according to the American Cancer Society.

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