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What to do when a new condominium community is fraught with defects

It's a common economic pattern we've observed before: The Florida economy begins to hum and is accompanied by a building boom. Construction industry health almost always accompanies an upturn in the overall economy. Real estate development spikes, and to meet the increasing demand, new condos come up seemingly overnight.

An unfortunate aspect of these booms, however, is that the condo associations in these new communities soon discover construction defects. Perhaps, in a rush to get the project done, the developer did a sloppy job. Maybe they skimped on the quality of materials to cut costs. Or perhaps the mechanicals are failing long before the end of their expected lifespan.

What are associations (and their managers) to do in these situations?

Their first step should always be to contact an attorney. Even if you have general counsel to turn to for guidance on Florida association law, when it comes to construction defects, you should find a lawyer who focuses specifically on this niche area.

The right lawyer will have a strong reputation and solid connections in the construction industry. They should be able to recommend the appropriate inspector, who in turn can determine the scope of the issue. Should further action be necessary, your attorney can guide you through the next steps.

Keep in mind that deadlines apply for pursuing compensation for construction defects. As a result, the sooner you talk to a lawyer, the better.

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