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December 2018 Archives

Hope for victims left high and dry by HD Custom Homes

Building a home is supposed to be a meaningful experience. Sure, it's not always smooth sailing. Hiccups often arise at various stages throughout the project. But in the end, the buyer should get what they bargained for - the home they dreamed about, saved for and meticulously planned.

What to do when a new condominium community is fraught with defects

It's a common economic pattern we've observed before: The Florida economy begins to hum and is accompanied by a building boom. Construction industry health almost always accompanies an upturn in the overall economy. Real estate development spikes, and to meet the increasing demand, new condos come up seemingly overnight.

Latent vs. patent construction defects

Some things are obvious. For instance, overeating leads to weight gains and students who do their homework get better grades. Construction defects in condominiums can be just as obvious, of course. Construction done with understrength concrete can result in defects visually obvious to everyone, such as crumbling or cracking walls.

The walls came tumbling down

We're fortunate to live in Florida. Our beaches, resorts, golf courses and sunshine make this a destination nearly everyone wants to move to or visit. Folks in Reno, Nevada, are similarly blessed to live where nature's beauty is on display from Lake Tahoe to the nearby mountains.