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Condos, townhouses plagued by construction defects

Brittany Chase might sound like the name of a pop star adored by Florida teens, but it's actually the name of a sprawling condominium and townhouse complex far north of us. Its hundreds of hulking structures serve as homes to New Jersey families, singles and senior citizens alike.

However, the foundations of two of the townhouses are failing, a USA Today report states. The cost to repair what could be widespread construction defects could total in the millions of dollars.

Brittany Chase homeowners have received additional bad news: they have been informed that they are on the hook for repairs - even if their homes aren't directly affected by the foundation problems. In May, owners were told of the construction defects a repair bill estimated at more than $2.6 million.

"I don't understand how it could be fair," said a 92-year-old L condo owner on a fixed income.

A letter from the condominium association's attorney said that depending on the size of units, owners could wind up paying up to $11,000 and change. The association's board has apparently taken out a loan of $3 million to initially cover the repair costs.

The issue appears to be what the association's lawyer has described as "improper compaction" of soil beneath the foundations of some townhouses.

One owner blames the developer for the construction flaws, but the company that developed the property no longer exists.

If your community is affected by construction defects such structural issues, water leaks, mold, design flaws or other problems, contact a Florida construction defect lawyer to discuss your legal options.

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