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Ask an expert to trace a construction defect back to its source

Because of the weather here in Florida, one of the most common problems for property owners is water intrusion. Construction defects due to shoddy construction methods, design flaws or problematic building materials can result in water intrusion and subsequent damage that plagues condominiums. The resulting repairs can be costly.

How experts can help

While the water damage itself is often readily apparent, the cause of it can sometimes be difficult to pin down. In many cases, a condominium association or other stakeholder will reach out to an independent expert for an analysis of the problem and its cause.

Experts have the training, knowledge, education and experience to not only determine not only the cause of the seepage, but also the ability testify credibly in court about the source of the defect if needed. That is, the expert can help the court understand if the contractor was at fault or if an engineer or construction materials are to blame.

Someone who has designed roofs, for instance, can be invaluable in finding where the water is leaking in, how to best remedy the defect, who (or what) was to blame, and how much it will cost to repair.

The expert's detailed inspection report can also help determine if the condominium complies with applicable building code (as well as blueprints and specifications on file with the city) and if the construction methods conformed to best construction and engineering practices.

Take this step first

The first step in resolving these issues is to contact an attorney experienced in construction defect litigation - someone with a track record of success in holding responsible parties accountable for costly errors. An attorney who is familiar with the local construction industry can also get you in touch with the right expert.

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