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Construction defects can put your business on hold

If you own a business that involves a physical building -- whether a storefront, warehouse or office -- you might at some point need construction work done. Perhaps the interior needs a facelift requiring extensive remodeling. Maybe a water leak demands thorough repairs. Or perhaps you're constructing a completely new building from the ground up as part of a new business venture or expansion.

Whatever the case may be, construction defects can slow your business to a halt, costing you time and money.

These defects might include:

  • Significant deviations from the building plans
  • Poor-quality workmanship (whether in new construction or repair work)
  • Violations of building and safety codes
  • Problems with subsurface conditions (such as soil composition)
  • Inadequate drainage, leading to water problems
  • Substitutions of inferior or defective materials
  • Structural defects
  • Problems with the design

The cost of these defects might involve more than just fixing the issue itself. Your business may also suffer diminished revenue streams and lost profits due to delays and closures.

If you're thinking about pursuing compensation for construction defects, it's important to know that Florida law has certain procedures you must follow. An attorney who focuses on construction law can ensure that you don't overlook critical steps. One thing that rings true in these cases is that your business shouldn't have to suffer because a contractor, subcontractor or design professional took shortcuts. 

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