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July 2018 Archives

Resolving construction defect disputes

Regular readers of our legal blog know that we often focus in this space on matters involving Florida construction defect disputes. While it can sometimes be difficult for people involved in a project to agree on the existence of a defect, it can be even more difficult to find agreement on defect mitigation and repair and on the crucial question of who will bear financial responsibility for fixing the defect.

How the cyclical nature of construction work contributes to defects

Construction defects - poor workmanship, deviations from building plans, subpar material substitutions and other types of poor-quality work - often involve a common thread: inexperience. While perhaps not the sole cause of construction defects, lack of experience is certainly a major contributing factor.

Construction defects can put your business on hold

If you own a business that involves a physical building -- whether a storefront, warehouse or office -- you might at some point need construction work done. Perhaps the interior needs a facelift requiring extensive remodeling. Maybe a water leak demands thorough repairs. Or perhaps you're constructing a completely new building from the ground up as part of a new business venture or expansion.

Condominium conversions often come with construction problems

New construction is booming across Florida. But not all condominium communities are built from the ground up. Faced with limited land availability and sky-high demolition costs, some developers turn to existing structures - often apartment complexes - and convert them into condominiums.

Independent reviewers find that design defects contributed to Miami bridge collapse

Back in March, the collapse of a pedestrian bridge at Florida International University claimed the lives of six people. The bridge was under construction at the time. We discussed how design defects likely contributed to the catastrophic failure.