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What happened to the "Golden Era" of defect-free construction?

New construction has definite advantages. Building a home (or condominium complex) from scratch, you can incorporate fresh design ideas, greater energy efficiency, built-in "smart" technologies and countless other amenities. You have access to far more options in choosing materials than you would have decades ago. And you don't have to worry about the unknowns of maintenance and repairs that come with existing construction.

However, new construction has problems, too. Defects and deficiencies are widespread in the residential construction industry. Despite advances in technology, materials, safety codes and durability, many in the industry have observed that the quality of workmanship has deteriorated over the decades. Put simply, they don't build like they used to.

Why has construction quality declined?

Solid, quality construction was a hallmark of the "Golden Era" - that is, the Art Deco movement of the early 20th century and the traditional craftsman styles that followed. Construction involved quality materials, high-caliber workmanship and a meticulous attention to detail.

Today, the pressure to cut costs - and to churn out one project after another - has led to a greater prevalence of defects. Poor workmanship is often a contributing factor. Developers are more concerned about quantity over quality. The focus is often on avoiding delays rather than avoiding missteps. And, because high-quality materials cost more, many developers opt for inferior alternatives to save a buck.

However, it shouldn't fall to the owners to shoulder the burdens of costly construction defects. If you're an HOA or COA member with questions about construction defects, reach out to a Florida construction law attorney to discuss your options.

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