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Reducing construction worker stress could reduce project defects

Because spring in Florida changes to summer before it does in most of the country, construction industry executives here are already geared up for busy season. They are ready to oversee the erection of office buildings, stores, homes and more.

That means it is also time for contractors to make plans to ensure that their teams are ready to handle the stress of increased workloads and pressing deadlines. One construction publication recently made the case that ill-prepared contractors could find themselves overseeing disorganized, stressed project teams that are more likely to make mistakes that could lead to employee burnout, delays and construction defect litigation.

The article in industry publication Construction Executive points out that stress is already a heavy tax on U.S. employers. Each day, about a million workers call in sick because of stress. Those days off will cost employers up to $300 billion this year.

Unfortunately, the cost of worker stress is even more expensive than those figures indicate. Those stressed-out employees who show up for work are ineffective and inefficient, making it more likely that a construction project will suffer from defects that could be much pricier than a few sick days.

Construction Executive urges contractors to take a couple of steps to reduce stress on worksites:

  • Streamline decision-making: don't make the mistake of having too many decision-makers involved. The result can be confusion for teams and workers.
  • Balance work with home: ensure that your workers get time off to be at home or play so that they can enjoy life. Also, contractors are encouraged to make sure workers take regular breaks during the day.
  • Don't overload the best: sometimes too much is expected of the best employees. That can create an uneven workload that contributes to burnout for the best and perhaps envy among the others.

If you are facing the possibility of a construction defect lawsuit, contact an attorney experienced in construction litigation.

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