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Construction lawsuit shakes up Florida soccer

We all know the routine. Visitors from the north come here to Florida and want to be shown the famous theme parks, beaches, golf courses, alligators, water parks, restaurants and more. One of the newest attractions in Orlando is City Stadium, home to pro soccer teams Orlando City SC and the Orlando Pride.

Open a little more than a year, the stadium along West Church Street is regularly host to raucous, futbol-loving throngs. Not everyone is happy, however. A high-tech firm across the street from the stadium recently filed a lawsuit against the general contractor (as well as Orlando City SC and the city) because, its owner says, the company lost more than a million dollars in business while the sports facility was under construction.

The owner of E.R. Precision Optical (maker of silicon and crystal lenses for U.S. military jets and tanks) said vibration during construction rendered useless his company's ultra-sensitive equipment. "They claimed they would do something, have a schedule and let us know, but nothing was done," owner Mark Hess told the Sentinel. "We met with the contractors and the city about 50 times and nothing was done."

He said vibrations lasted all day long sometimes and that certain important tasks had to wait until construction came to a halt at 5 pm.

A spokesperson for the general contractor declined to comment on the litigation.

Hess said the vibrations made his firm late on projects. He said damages could exceed $1 million.

The case illustrates how construction lawsuits can involve parties not directly related to the construction project. For this reason, it's essential to involve a construction litigation attorney early on who can assist with documenting damages and placing the contractor and project owner on notice as soon as possible.

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