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When construction defects lead to structural failures

In Florida, buildings and other structures sometimes collapse. These collapses may happen because of several different reasons, including manmade and natural reasons. Some of these structural failures are caused by construction defects when the buildings or structures are built. When a building or other structure collapses because of construction or design defects, the people who built the structure or who designed it may be liable.

When builders are building a structure, they have to take into account its size, location and its intended use. Mistakes that are made with the improper mixing of concrete for foundations can lead to cracks and structural failures

When construction defects are severe enough to cause structural failures, people who are inside or under the structures may be seriously injured or killed when they collapse. Engineers may use sensor systems that they install inside of the structures in order to help them to measure loads and stressors so that they can work to prevent future problems.

Construction defects may not be readily apparent. When they are discovered, they may cost substantial amounts of money to repair. People who believe that their homes or other structures contain construction defects might want to talk to an experienced lawyer. An attorney may be able to help his or her clients to recover damages so that they can make the needed repairs. When the defects happen during the construction process and are discovered before the job is completed, issues may arise about whether or not to complete or terminate the contract. An attorney may help clients by obtaining an expert opinion from a structural engineer and may litigate the issues on the clients' behalf in an effort to reach a successful resolution of the dispute.

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