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Why are construction defects such a big deal?

A construction defect could ruin an otherwise perfect home or property. Defects range from minor inconveniences to issues that require rebuilding portions of properties. No matter what kind of defect you're working with, it's important to know your rights.

When a defect affects the value of your home and has cost you money, you're within your rights to look into ways to recover your losses. The first thing you should know is that there are two kinds of defects. These include patent and latent defects. A patent defect is obvious; in other words, it should be discovered during a routine inspection. A latent defect isn't as easy to see and may be hidden.

There's also a difference between a construction defect and a defect caused by normal wear and tear. Construction defects would include things like concrete that never sets up correctly due to an inaccurate mixture of chemicals or framing issues that could cause the house to fall or shift. Typically, construction defects refer to defects that affect the integrity of the structure, not just a design element.

All contractors need to exercise a standard of care similar to that of others in the industry. Contractors have a responsibility to complete work in accordance with their contracts and the requirements set by the state and local governments. Safety is vital, so not building up to safety standards is a serious problem.

Dealing with construction defects is difficult, but it's not impossible. With arbitration or litigation, it's possible to get your money back and to reclaim any losses you've suffered.

Source: Modern Contractor Solutions, "What is a Construction Defect?," accessed March 06, 2018

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