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February 2018 Archives

Condo associations ponder hurricane shutters in light of Irma

In light of Hurricane Irma in 2017, condominium association directors are contemplating the best ways to protect units from hurricane protection. Having hurricane shutters installed on all units seems the best way to go, but the question is whether it should be the responsibility of the owners or the association.

Condo construction defects might not come to light for years

Construction defects are surprisingly common in new condominium developments. In many cases, these defects come to light during the turnover process, when unit owners take control from the developer. However, some issues linger undetected for years. They might surface during the course of repairs, improvement projects, routine maintenance or extreme weather conditions, resulting in unexpected costs and complications. 

How to steer clear of contractor fraud

Choosing a contractor to perform construction or repair work is a big decision - especially for large projects with substantial budgets. Unfortunately, scams do exist in the construction industry. Although regulations strive to protect consumers from fraud, it still happens at alarming rates.