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Getting along with your ex

No longer being married to or living with your ex might make life a lot easier and smoother. However, you probably need to continue to have frequent communication, whether it's for practical matters such as dividing up your possessions, or for the sake or your kids. Anyone who has to deal with his or her ex on a regular basis probably has room for improvement when it comes to getting along and maintaining good communication.

This blog will provide some advice that is relevant to all exes on getting along after the divorce has been finalized.

Try and see their point of view

Your ex is going to have a different parenting style than you -- no two parents bring up their children in an identical way. But just because it makes you frustrated sometimes when they choose to dress them differently than you do or lets your kids stay up an hour later, doesn't mean that you should jump to calling them a bad parent. Try and see that you are going to differ sometimes, and that's ok.

Don't play the blame game

When marriages end, it is always due to some shortcomings on both sides. You made mistakes, your ex made mistakes, but it is a waste of energy to hold resentment or place blame.

Don't bring up the old problems

Keep focused on the future and how you can work together as co-parents, rather than on the bad arguments that you have had in the past. If you focus on the past, you will never be able to move on with your life and be the parent that you want to be.

Divorce mediation is always a great option for divorced couples that are working on being better co-parents. You can speak with a legal advisor on questions you have about divorce and post-divorce mediation.

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