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October 2017 Archives

Paternity issues: Protecting the rights of unwed Florida fathers

Unmarried fathers often feel like outsiders when it comes to the lives of their children. Many of them feel a need to tread carefully with the mother of their children because they fear being denied access. We want to tell all unwed fathers in Florida that you do have paternity rights and that it is possible to protect your fathers' rights with patience and effort on your part.

Getting assistance with your estate administration duties

Life can be complicated, but so can death. This is especially so when you consider the assets and items a typical person accumulates over a lifetime. Like they say, you can't take it with you and that means that someone will have to take care of the deceased's estate and affairs after death.

What type of contractor damage your homeowners insurance covers

If you have a contractor come to your home to complete work and he sets fire to something, then it's likely that your homeowners policy will cover the damage. In fact, there's a strong likelihood that your policy will cover a number of different accidental occurrences similar to this. There are, however, just as many situations that your insurance policy won't cover.

Exploring Florida construction law

The importance of real estate to Florida's strong economy means that construction and related trades are equally vital and massive in the state. It is the hands of workers and the operation of specialized machinery that keeps the walls and ceilings rising, while the law has an important role in protecting the many involved businesses.

Water leakage: Construction defects that can destroy your project

Keeping water out of a structure is arguably the most important element of construction. This is so while a structure is being built and after the project has concluded. Construction defects that enable moisture to seep into a building can destroy the entire project, especially if the defects are not noticed or go unaddressed for a long time.

Building codes aren't only for builders: attention associations

Engineers, builders, contractors, subcontractors and other parties involved in the construction of a condominium project need to know the ins-and-outs of building codes. The codes may not be fun to work around, but they are there for a reason: they help reduce the risk that homeowners could face problems with defective materials or designs.

Getting along with your ex

No longer being married to or living with your ex might make life a lot easier and smoother. However, you probably need to continue to have frequent communication, whether it's for practical matters such as dividing up your possessions, or for the sake or your kids. Anyone who has to deal with his or her ex on a regular basis probably has room for improvement when it comes to getting along and maintaining good communication.