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Thank you: strength in the aftermath of Harvey, Irma

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma swept across the coast with fury. The devastation they caused is obvious, upending the lives of those who live in Texas and Florida. While "ordinary" and "normal" may not be words spoken for some time, you can find moments of extraordinary human character in the uncommon.

Headlines often focus on the damage, but hidden among the bad news are stories of strength, good works and community. We'd like to take a moment to recognize some of these people.

University students and faculty do #GatorGood

Those who attend and work at the University of Florida have done their part to help rebuild their community. A few of their activities include:

  • Cleaning up debris scattered by the storm.
  • Giving and advocating for monetary donations to relief efforts such as One America Appeal or items such as food and clothing that can be given families who were displaced or whose property was destroyed.
  • Organizing and participating in a breakfast for responders.
  • Donating football tickets to responders and those who were evacuated.
  • Wearing a Florida decal on helmets in a show of solidarity with those affected.

A Miami nun who broke the mold

When someone says "Catholic Nun," many images may come to mind. There's a small chance that one of them involves a woman dressed in formal robes, tearing apart downed trees with a chainsaw - but that's exactly what you would have seen in Miami.

A Miami-Dade County police officer was just part of the crowd when he captured Sister Margaret Ann on camera wielding the chainsaw. His photo was one of many "acts of kindness" published to the police department's Facebook page.

Presidential efforts calling for nationwide support

For the five former Presidents alive today, political differences did not stop them from coming together in the relief effort, One America Appeal, mentioned above. Arguably the most beneficial aspect is that this fund is private and tax-exempt. Every dollar donated goes directly to relief and recovery efforts.

These are only a few examples. Thank you to everyone who has donated their time, effort or money to help rebuild our community.

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