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How construction forepersons can help reduce worker injuries

Whether a job site is a small, residential lot or a large commercial one, contractors can suffer debilitating injuries. Even in a situation in which workers take certain safety precautions, they can still be injured because someone else did not do their due diligence to protect them from harm.

According to a recent statistic released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), at least 150,000 construction workers are injured in this country on an annual basis. Among the 130 million construction workers in this country, 5,000 lose their lives on work sites each year.

One of the more common job site injuries include trips and falls. This type of injury is most apt to occur on a construction site as workers attempt to traverse uneven terrains, climb scaffolding or ladders, navigate different hazards, or stand on roofs.

Another common workplace injury that involves construction workers has to do with their use of heavy machinery or equipment. Many construction-related injuries occur when workers are struck by large trucks at the work site or when they become distracted and cut off a body part using, for example, a saw.

Other injuries are caused by workers, handling tasks at higher levels, dropping objects down on those working on lower ones. Exhaustion, especially brought on by workers having to carry out manual labor outdoors across various hours, leads them to make careless errors they otherwise would not have made.

Construction companies and their forepersons can reduce their employees' chance of becoming involved in workplace accidents by requiring them to attend mandatory safety meetings. These are particularly helpful in sharing modifications that have been made to the construction site that may impact their safety.

Workers can also be required to wear reflective clothing and recommended safety gear. Making sure they take necessary breaks can help them reduce the risk of mistakes as well.

As an employer of construction workers, you can greatly reduce your chances of being sued for employees' injuries if you require them to take certain accident prevention measures on the job site. If you're currently being sued by one of your workers for the injuries he or she received, then you may benefit from having a Sarasota construction litigation attorney on your side.

Source: Construction Global, "Top tips for preventing accidents on a construction site," accessed Aug. 04, 2017

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