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August 2017 Archives

Establishing legal paternity in Florida

The legal definition of "family" has never been entirely clear cut. Florida law contains several clauses that allow for non-traditional families to gain or maintain legal rights. As in most cases involving offspring, the court's first priority is the best interests of children.

Miami passes solar panel law for new builds and some renovations

A groundbreaking new construction law proposal is now a reality for residents in South Miami who are looking to build a new home. Recently, the City Commission passed a law requiring new home builds to incorporate solar energy into their design and construction. The new law also applies to certain renovation projects as well.

Learn about construction warranty issues before you sign off

Warranties are typically good documents. They can provide valuable protection to all parties involved in a construction project. At the same time, they should be scrutinized carefully before a property owner signs off on his or her project.

How construction forepersons can help reduce worker injuries

Whether a job site is a small, residential lot or a large commercial one, contractors can suffer debilitating injuries. Even in a situation in which workers take certain safety precautions, they can still be injured because someone else did not do their due diligence to protect them from harm.

What happens when a Floridian dies without a will?

It adds confusion to sorrow, but some deaths occur before someone had a chance to make an official will. An unplanned death can create a lot of questions for relatives, friends, caregivers and colleagues on how a deceased person's property and possessions are distributed.

3 health care documents to consider when planning for incapacity

It starts as a blurry image, but as we rack up the birthdays, the picture becomes much clearer. We will catch the "OLD" disease. Our bodies start failing. Our mind slips. Simply put: a time in which we won't be able to make medical decisions for ourselves becomes more likely.

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