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4 signs of domestic violence

Domestic violence is an unfortunate reality, and it can take on numerous forms. It's not always physical and it doesn't always leave the same signs behind. As such, it can be hard for loved ones to spot. Below are four common signs.

1. No money

Financial abuse is when a significant other cuts off all access to money. This can be done to control the other person, making him or her feel like it's financially impossible to leave.

2. No decision-making abilities

It's one thing to confer with a spouse before making a decision, but it's another when one spouse actively makes all of the decisions and gives the other person no freedom.

3. Embarrassing behavior

The abuser may not be physically abusive in public, but he or she could still use insults and verbal attacks to put the other person down. When this makes other people feel embarrassed, it could be a sign that something is wrong and things have gone too far.

4. Physical signs

These are more "classic" signs of domestic violence. They could include cuts and bruises that can't be easily explained. Additionally, some experts warn that victims of domestic violence may try to use make-up and other means to hide these signs rather than just letting people see and explaining how the injuries happened.

Those who are victims of domestic violence need to know all of their legal rights and the options they have to get the help they need. Things to consider include but are not limited to, keeping children safe, considering protective orders, and thinking about divorce.

Source: WebMD, "Domestic Violence - Signs of Domestic Violence," accessed June 20, 2017

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