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The kids may pick your ex; don't let it get to you

One woman told a post-divorce story about one of the hardest times that she faced. Her kids had been spending time with their father, but the custody schedule said they needed to come back and stay at her house.

When they got there, they were sad and one of the children was crying. They told her they didn't want to go to her house. They wanted to stay with their dad, who had to be out of town for a week and wasn't going to be around.

She let them go back and cried all night, thinking that her kids loved her ex more than they loved her. She hated that they were not there in the morning. But then she woke up and she realized a few things.

First off, she noted that they may already have been feeling nervous about their dad being away. Spending extra time with him was calming and soothing since he had to go on his trip either way.

Next, she had to remember that the kids really didn't want to have to choose. They wanted to be with both her and her ex, in the same home, but they couldn't. It left them feeling confused and wishing they were in both places.

Most of all, though, she focused on the fact that they did love her. They were just stuck with a tough decision that didn't go her way.

If you're going to get divorced, it's important to consider the realities of the situation for the kids. Be sure you know what legal options you have to create a child custody plan that works best for them.

Source: Huffington Post, "Divorce Advice: Don’t Be Hurt When Your Kids Choose Dad," Jackie Pilossoph, accessed June 20, 2017

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