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When the condo of your dreams turns into a nightmare ...

The picture-perfect Disney town of Celebration, Florida, started out like a dream come true. Twenty years later, many of the town's condo owners have found their dreams turned to nightmares. Problems with leaky roofs, pervasive mold, structural issues and slanting balconies have made it difficult for condo owners to sell. In a lawsuit filed against the developer last spring, the owners' association is seeking compensation for more than $15 million in repairs.

A similar story is playing out at a 20-story condo building Tampa Bay. Extensive structural and design problems have recently come to light, including loose soil that can't support the building's foundation, essentially causing it to sink.

Defects that can derail your property value

While condo owners' associations may not often face problems as dramatic as these, it's not uncommon for defects to surface months or years after construction is completed. Shortcomings in design, materials or workmanship can be more than just headaches; they can lead to plummeting property values and significant expenses.

Some of the major issues that COAs confront include:

  • -Water problems such as mold, rot, defective plumbing, leaky roofing and poor drainage
  • -Structural and design defects such as inadequate supports, improper framing or soil compaction
  • -Subpar materials or wrong materials, such as incorrectly sized support beams
  • -Inadequate weatherproofing, which can result in water intrusion, broken windows and damaged siding
  • -Problems with air conditioning systems
  • -Inadequate soundproofing, which can make life miserable for residents
  • -Misrepresentation - for example, failure to disclose certain property conditions or promising features that were never built (such as a golf course or swimming pool)

Life in a condominium development shouldn't be a nightmare, and condo owners shouldn't have to bear the burden of construction defects. In these situations, the COA may have a claim against the builder, developer, general contractor, subcontractors, engineer, architect or other parties responsible for the defect.

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