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Work with experienced advocate to address problems with unlicensed contractors, P.1

Construction is an industry where there are a great many variables at play, and it common for problems to arise. Quality contractors not only know how to prepare properly for a job, including obtaining the proper licensure for the job, but also how to effectively address issues as they come up so that the consumer is satisfied and they meet their contractual obligations. As a recent article points out, though, problems can arise for consumers when they work with unlicensed contractors, particularly when they don’t know their rights.

The use and availability of unlicensed contractors has been on the increase in Florida due to increased activity in the construction industry over the last couple years. Unlicensed contractors are those who do not have the proper licensing to perform the specific work in question.

It is important to understand that, under state law, the construction industry is regulated according to categories of contractors, and county and municipal agencies may also be involved in the licensing process. Proper licensing must be obtained to perform different types of work, though it is certainly true that not all construction work needs special licensing, or any licensing at all. In cases where licensing is required, consumers will, ideally, check in advance to see whether the contractor they are considering is properly licensed for the work in question.

Unlicensed contractors will often perform work at a discount because they can avoid the costs associated not only with proper licensure, but also with liability insurance, workers’ compensation and other costs. The reduced expense may be tempting for potential customers, but it does come with increased risks when the work is not done correctly or is left incomplete. For those who have already gotten involved with an unlicensed contractor and who run into problems, it is important to understand their rights under state law and to work with an experienced advocate.

We’ll continue this discussion in our next post. 

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