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August 2016 Archives

Divorce, the ides of March, and the dog days of summer

The original "National Lampoon's Vacation" film documents the trials and tribulations of a family taking a summer break to a popular destination. On the road to WallyWorld, the married Griswolds see their relationship put to the test amidst the significant stress of travel setbacks. The "Christmas Vacation" sequel showed similar strife. The patriarch was consumed with anxiety over not receiving his holiday bonus as his house overflowed with equally frustrating family members.

What a boom in home improvements means for you

If you have moved recently or are considering buying a new home, you may have noticed that the real estate market is presenting some serious challenges for buyers these days. Between the low inventories and high number of people looking to buy, there is a lot of competition out there and buyers aren't guaranteed to walk away with a deal.

Why you might be more likely to get divorced this month

People typically don't make the decision to divorce overnight. Oftentimes, the decision comes after other options and efforts have been exhausted, and when one or both people come to terms with the fact that their feelings have changed or that their marriage is broken beyond repair. There is no fixed rule for deciding when to file for divorce.

Millennials: Do you have an estate to protect?

As a millennial, you are starting out with greater economic challenges than previous generations. Between massive student debts and the persistent bad economy, young people between the ages of 18 and 35 have legitimate financial concerns. After all, with increasing lifespan, the millennial generation could expect to be working for many decades, perhaps beyond the current retirement age.

Types of construction defects that can lead to legal claims

It is no secret that defective products have the potential to cause great harm to consumers. An airbag that fails to deploy can fail to protect a person in a car accident; a child's toy made with toxic materials can cause serious illness or injury; a kitchen appliance that catches on fire without warning can lead to devastating property damage.

Should I be reviewing my estate plan?

Imagine you are making plans for an upcoming vacation. You found a place to stay and made your reservations; you bought a plane ticket; you took time off work; you might be making a list of what you will need to bring. The plan is set, but chances are that will be reviewing your plans as your vacation gets closer or in the event that something changes to make any necessary adjustments.

Why it can be crucial to lean on your attorney when filing a lien

Construction projects have the potential to be lengthy, complex undertakings. In many cases, there isn't just one task being tackled or one party taking on the completion of every project. Because there are so many elements in motion and people involved in a construction, demolition or rebuilding job, there are plenty of opportunities for disputes to arise.

Repair and preserve: the balancing act for construction defects

As a Home Owner Association (HOA), HOA board member or community housing management company, following up on construction defects would fall under your purview. Florida law, under Statute 720 and the Rules of Civil Procedure, authorizes an HOA to bring construction defect claims on behalf of its members.

The basics of your construction defect claim

If you have discovered a defect in your home, you may be very interested in taking legal action to remedy the situation and seek financial damages. However, chances are good that you have never been through this process before and don't know what to expect or where to start.

What can I do if I feel an estate is being mismanaged?

Being the executor of an estate can be a very complicated, frustrating task. As the person designated to manage the estate, it is up the executor to make some difficult financial decisions and see to it that a person's last wishes are respected and carried out.

Failure to supply proper materials leads to costly delays

The construction of any building can only be as strong as its design and materials. If either of these elements is inadequate or unsafe, the building can be compromised. Unfortunately, these shortcomings may not be apparent until after a building has already been completed if developers and the other parties involved fail to properly identify compromised materials or design.

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