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July 2016 Archives

Stop and think before you violate a custody order

As a parent, you typically do everything you can to protect your kids. You make sacrifices and difficult decisions; you set rules and enforce penalties; you make an effort to know their friends and make sure you know where they are at all times. These decisions can certainly keep your kids safe and healthy.

Note: Proper notice for mechanic's liens is crucial

Construction projects have the potential seriously disrupt a party's use of a property, though the expectation is that any disruption will be temporary, and that the ends will justify the means. However, some Florida homeowners could face permanent loss of property if a mechanic's lien is filed.

Lawsuit filed against developer for unpaid services

Contracts are among the most essential elements of any business relationship. These legal documents establish rules, set expectations and lay out conditions of the relationship so that both parties can be clear on what is to be provided or done. Without these documents, any legal disputes that arise can boil down to one party's word against the other's word.

Divorce: choosing the right path for your family

You may have had myriad reasons for getting married. The biggest one is most likely that you loved the other person. Besides the physical and emotional attraction to your spouse, you may have also considered your financial future, the opportunity to purchase property and that you wished to raise a family together.

Is collaborative divorce right for you?

Florida couples who want to end their marriages amicably have more options now than ever before. It is no longer necessary to allow a judge to make the decisions. Couples can use mediation or collaborative divorce to devise their own settlement agreement, which can be tailored to their needs and the needs of the entire family.

Are you responsible for your parent's estate planning?

It is a disconcerting moment in life when you realize that Mom is not as young as she used to be twenty years ago. Perhaps she is retired now and has more doctor appointments on her calendar than you are really prepared to acknowledge. Nevertheless, the facts of life are looming, and at some point, she is going to require some help handling her finances, healthcare, and living situations.

What happens if I don't have an estate plan?

On this blog, we have discussed what can happen when you take certain steps to plan for your future in an effort to help readers appreciate the benefits of estate planning. However, despite knowing the benefits of action, some people are still not sure why they should take the time to create an estate plan.

Designed to fail

Having a new home built is an incredibly exciting and stressful event for homeowners. You have the opportunity to have the home of your dreams, with everything you want and nothing you don't want. However, you can't make it all happen on your own. You need to rely on professionals to make your dream into a reality.

Construction dispute? Cutting your losses by cutting ties

Many construction disputes are resolved with action. One party agrees or is ordered to complete work, make payments, change timelines, repair defects or reimburse another party. These are all definitive and effective actions that should hopefully correct a dispute that has arisen.

Building a new house? What you should know about your deposits

Putting money down when you are buying a house is standard practice. That money, which can be the earnest money deposit as well as your down payment, includes one-time payments that serve as an indication of good faith on your part. If you are building a home, however, you may have to make several more deposits throughout the course of a project, depending on the schedule set by your builder.

Time for a change? Seeking modification to your parenting plan

If you currently have a parenting plan in place that no longer meets your needs or serves the best interests of your child, it may be time for a change. This is not uncommon, as many things can change between the time a parenting plan is set and the time it expires.

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