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Don't live with construction defects. You can fight back!

Buying a home is a wonderful time for a person. Purchasing a new home brings on a sense of stability, accomplishment and pride to the home buyer. Owning your own home is, after all, part of the American dream.

But, when that dream becomes more of a nightmare than an ideal situation, you may be left feeling helpless and like you have nowhere to turn. You should realize that homeowners are not the ones that are liable for building and construction issues, even if a house is complete, or you have paid for it in full.

Senseless architectural and construction errors, faulty or substandard products and more can be consider a defect. Many of these occur unbeknownst to new buyers of homes, condos and other property during the build or at the time of purchase.

Homeowners can fight back - and win!

A recent case in Jacksonville, Florida proves that homebuyers can fight back - and win. A condominium complex had been built poorly and was riddled with defects, including cracks in the foundation , leaky roofs, plumbing issues and faulty windows, just to name a few.

These claims yielded the group of homeowners who were pursuing the case a $9 million dollar judgment, which is roughly around $38,000 awarded per condo. The money to be used in repairs and rebuilding when necessary.

This particular case was rather large. The jury spent almost 40 days listening to dozens of witnesses and their testimonies, viewing countless pieces of evidence and four years of litigation were involved before the case ever went to trial. However, the homeowners were the ones that wound up being victorious and now the homebuilder and the corporation have been held accountable.

Does a case have to be big to be worthy of litigation?

If you do find that you are in a situation where you've spent your hard earned money to build or purchase a new home, but are experiencing problems due to faulty building, plumbing, electrical issues or more, you need to know that you have options. This includes situations involving a single home.

The fight may not always be an easy one, but it's well worth it to get your just due. After all, who wants to invest money into a home only to find that it is unlivable?

You can pursue litigation for negligence in building, breaking city and state violations and damages that come to your property or yourself as a result. Many contracts include a clause requiring all disputes be resolved through arbitration, but this doesn't mean you should "go it alone." In fact, you should do the opposite.

Having the proper, experienced and professional attorney on your side to actively fight for your rights is a must. Know that you have the ability to fight back and take action where you've been wronged and don't allow big home building corporations to scare you into thinking that you can't.

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