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June 2016 Archives

What should I look for in a builder to minimize disputes?

Building or renovating your home is an incredible undertaking, whether you are redoing one room or starting the structure from scratch. During these projects, every dollar and every day counts, which means you want to be sure you are working with a builder you can trust and have a contract in place that is explicit in its guidelines and expectations.

Construction deficiencies can have costly consequences

Imagine you have designed and built the business of your dreams. You put in countless hours developing your plans, hiring workers to make those plans a reality and creating a business plan to hopefully ensure your business venture is a success. Now imagine that shortly after opening, things literally start falling apart.

Without an estate plan, tax penalties can be quite steep

Creating a will or an estate plan is something that every person will want to do if there are people, assets or wishes that he or she wants to protect. Unfortunately, many people avoid this planning or keep putting it off because it can be uncomfortable and complicated, and they fail to appreciate the consequences that may result from not having a plan.

Beware these common construction defects

Building or renovating your home can be a source of great anxiety and frustration. Even seemingly simple projects can get delayed, require changes or winding up costing you much more than you expected. Despite all the obstacles that arise, the hope is that eventually, it will all be done and you can finally enjoy the home you want.

Annulments: making your marriage disappear

When people are struggling in their marriage or have decided to end the relationship, they can often find themselves thinking, "I wish I had never gotten married." While we can't go back in time and stop someone from tying the knot, it can be possible to treat the marriage as if it never existed, if only in the eyes of the law.

The people you may meet if your divorce involves domestic abuse

In our last post, we discussed the divorce of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. One noteworthy aspect of the divorce was that it was filed after just 15 months of marriage. However, another element of that divorce that is making headlines is the fact that Heard has accused Depp of domestic violence.

Do 'quickie' marriages end with 'quickie' divorces?

Recently, it was reported that actor Johnny Depp and his wife of just 15 months, Amber Heard, are getting divorced. This story has raised questions similar to the one posed in this headline, especially among people in a situation like Depp and Heard's: those who are divorcing after a short marriage.

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