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Florida judge criticizes state's delays on same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage has been legal in the United States for almost a year. In Florida, same-sex marriage has been legal even longer, but it continues to be an issue for some LGBT couples -- and Judge Robert L. Hinkle isn't happy about it.

Judge Hinkle has been an outspoken advocate for same-sex marriage for several years now. His most recent ruling, regarding the Brenner v. Scott case, has confirmed the legality of same-sex marriage in Florida despite the lack of support from the legislature and some state officials.

Hinkle has been pressing Florida's state officials to recognize same-sex marriages and stop putting up roadblocks regarding basic things like employee benefits for same-sex spouses for some time.

Beyond that, Judge Hinkle has pushed for the legislators to overturn all current laws that ban same-sex marriage, an effort that has floundered in Florida's current legislature. Hinkle remained undeterred and his recent ruling cements the legality of same-sex marriage in his state.

With the right to marry comes the right to divorce

Same-sex couples are now entitled to all of the rights granted to any married couple - including the right to divorce. Again, the same laws apply equally to all divorcing couples in Florida.

While it is safe to say that almost no one goes into a marriage thinking they will end up divorcing, it does happen. In the event that you find yourself in this situation, it is imperative that you seek appropriate representation. Find somebody you are comfortable with, who has a proven track record dealing with family law. The legal system is difficult to navigate under the best of circumstances, but divorce can be even more stressful, emotional, and generally a tough time for everybody involved.

If there are children, divorce could become even more problematic or contentious. From child support to primary and secondary residential status, divorcing parents have some extra hurdles to clear, and it is in your best interest to retain a lawyer who is well versed in family law.

Even if both parties agree on all issues, there are many legal intricacies that can be overlooked and lead to problems in the future. Divorce, no matter how simple it may seem, is never an easy situation and should not be handled without proper representation.

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