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February 2016 Archives

What needs to be submitted during discovery?

One of the most complicated parts of a divorce is the division of assets; in some cases it is the most complicated part. In order for you or the court to work out the equitable distribution of assets, it will be crucial that any and all documentation relevant to your finances be disclosed.

How domestic violence allegations can affect your divorce

Domestic violence is a devastating issue that too many people across Florida struggle with. Despite the wealth of resources dedicated to preventing domestic violence and getting help to those who need it, there are still people who suffer in relationships where physical, financial and emotional abuse are factors.

Getting a divorce? You don't have to hate Valentine's Day

This time of year can be very difficult for people who decided that the New Year was the right time to file for divorce. After all, the holidays are over, the kids are back in school and it's the beginning of a new fiscal year. However, if you are among those who have started divorce proceedings in recent weeks, the upcoming weekend can prove to be more stressful than you may have expected.

Do I need to prove fault in a divorce? Is it a factor?

Many events in life can put stress on a marriage. Some of those events are consequences of our own making, like infidelity, while we have little control over others, like a serious illness. What role, if any, do these events play in a divorce? Do you have to prove fault to file in Florida?

Why seek a paternity test in Florida?

Families today look very different than they did just a generation ago. Today, it's very common to see families with divorced, unmarried or same-sex parents or for children to be raised in homes with adopted siblings, half siblings and step-siblings. Family structures are more modern than ever before, but there are traditional matters that can still affect them.

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