What Is Collaborative Divorce? And Other Questions

Collaborative divorce is in alternative model to the typical court-based, high-stress divorce. It uses a team approach to reduce the emotional toll on the parties (and their children) as well as resolve the divorce with a mutually beneficial agreement.

Below are a few other questions our clients frequently ask:

  • What does it look like?
    • It starts with the Parties and their Attorneys pledging not to go to court on any issue.
    • In fact, the case is only collaborative is when the Attorneys agree to withdraw from the case if it becomes necessary to go to court for any reason.
    • The Parties agree to work as a TEAM and to freely exchange information.
    • The Team works together to achieve the goal of a "Win-Win" divorce.
    • A result that is Customized and Confidential that can be outside the Courtroom "box" that accompanies the traditional model.
  • What are the benefits of collaborative law?
    • The Ultimate Result, a "Win-Win" mutually beneficial agreement.
    • Promotes creative, individual family specific, solutions.
    • Reduces the emotional toll and stress on the family.
    • Confidential, sensitive family and financial information stays out of the public eye.
    • Avoids the costly legal fees associated with litigation.
  • Who is on the team?
    • The Team consists of the Parties, Attorneys, and other possible collaboratively trained professionals.
    • These can include: financial experts, mediators, mental health professionals and other "facilitators."
    • Not every possible member is used on every case; each case's needs are different.

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