Experience And Compassion In Tough Family Matters

Tannenbaum Scro has a dedicated divorce attorney who represents clients in all types of Family Law cases including: divorce, collaborative divorce, alimony, child custody and timesharing, paternity and fathers' rights, division of assets and liabilities, and modifications of child support or alimony.

Adam Bragg, Esq. provides his clients with strong representation, understanding, and objective legal guidance during times of difficult transition.

Mr. Bragg understands that family law issues are painful and create enormous pressures for those involved. That is why he ensures family law clients know all of the options before making any decisions. Mr. Bragg knows that each client needs to make the decision that he or she feels is best for the family. He provides strong and aggressive legal advocacy in court proceedings and depositions when necessary, but also understands that some clients are best served by resolutions that can be negotiated outside of a courtroom.

The Tannenbaum Scro team prides itself on client service. Rest assured you and your family law matter will have the attention you both deserve.

Family law practice areas handled at Tannenbaum Scro:

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