Comprehensive Estate Planning And Probate Services

At Tannenbaum Scro, we provide comprehensive legal assistance with estate planning, administration and probate in Florida. We have extensive experience and knowledge of the law. We help you understand the benefits and consequences of any decision. Equally important, we give you our complete attention so that we can best understand your wishes and concerns.

Our services include:

  • Estate planning: We have a conversation about your life, your wishes and your priorities. We help you create a plan that not only works for your life but accomplishes your short-term and long-term goals.
  • Executing documents: Not only must you develop a good plan, but we help ensure that the documents you have in place are valid and complete so that you can carry out that plan.
  • Estate and trust administration: When a loved one has passed away or you have been named as the executor of an estate, we provide assistance in gathering documentation, distributing assets, paying estate taxes and debts and other aspects of managing an estate.
  • Probate: We help you understand the benefits and consequences of probate and plan your estate accordingly. We also provide counsel and assistance to those who have been charged with probating a loved one's last will and testament.

Schedule A Consultation To Discuss Your Legal Needs With An Attorney

If you need assistance with estate planning, administration or probate, we encourage you to contact our office. Call our office in Sarasota at 941-444-9092 or toll free at 866-615-4543 to schedule your consultation with a lawyer. You can also send us your information, and we will contact you.