Why Choose Tannenbaum Scro?

Although Tannenbaum Scro has grown into a law firm that handles a wide range of matters such as business and commercial litigation, real estate transactions and litigation, and personal injury effectively, construction litigation remains our primary focus. Why should you choose our law firm to represent you in a case involving construction law?

  • Your interests take precedence: We help you resolve your claim in the most efficient, effective and economical way. It is our foremost goal to help you reach an outcome that preserves your well-being long term.
  • Experience measured in millions: Construction law is a niche practice area that demands experience. Your case won't be our first. It won't even be close. We have resolved numerous cases involving tens of millions for clients since our law firm was established in 1995 — and our attorneys joined the firm with years of prior experience.
  • A reputation earned through success: Over the past two decades, Tannenbaum Scro has become a name that is well-known due to our success in cases involving construction defects, contract disputes and other claims. Moreover, our attorneys are well-respected for their professionalism and understanding of the industry.
  • Client satisfaction: We have represented more than 175 condominium and homeowner associations alone. Many of our cases come through referrals from satisfied clients, other lawyers and industry professionals.
  • Statewide representation: Our office is in downtown Sarasota, but we accept cases throughout Florida. Whether you live in Jacksonville or in Fort Myers, you can have the premiere construction law firm on your side.

Put A Premiere Construction Law Firm To Work For You

With the benefits our law firm has to offer, your decision should not be difficult. Schedule a consultation with one of our exceptional attorneys. Call our office at 941-444-9092 or toll free at 866-615-4543. You may also email us, and we will contact you.