Make Sure Your Lien Is Filed Appropriately

Liens present a complex and confusing aspect of construction law; properly drafting, filing, discharging and negotiating all present nuances and immensely complicated issues.

When (sub)contractors file a lien on a property based on a dispute, it is important they do so in the compliant way. This assures that when the owner moves onto the next part of the process, to sell or refinance property, it will be necessary to address the issue with the contractor to issue a discharge. The lien will act as a cloud on a title, like a judgment, and the title company will require payment, often one and a half times the value of the lien.

Attention to detail and legal expertise are paramount in filing and discharging liens. This requires understanding deadlines and a comprehensive knowledge of proper legal procedure. This is what we will bring to work for you.

We Help File Liens In Sarasota, Clearwater And Throughout Florida

Having resolved tens of millions of dollars of construction and commercial claims in more than three decades of practice, we at Tannenbaum Scro are prepared to ideally address any lien issue. Our attorneys will work directly with you to understand the issues you face and explore all avenues for resolution. We will take our comprehensive knowledge to understand your long-term goals and do everything we can to work toward them in the most economical way.

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