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Posts tagged "construction law"

What type of contractor damage your homeowners insurance covers

If you have a contractor come to your home to complete work and he sets fire to something, then it's likely that your homeowners policy will cover the the damage. In fact, there's a strong likelihood that your policy will cover a number of different accidental occurrences similar to this. There are, however, just as many situations that your insurance policy won't cover.

Exploring Florida construction law

The importance of real estate to Florida's strong economy means that construction and related trades are equally vital and massive in the state. It is the hands of workers and the operation of specialized machinery that keeps the walls and ceilings rising, while the law has an important role in protecting the many involved businesses.

Subcontractor's lien determined valid by a Florida court

Disputes can arise in construction projects all the time. Complicated projects that require a variety of subcontractors and specialties need to fit together under competent management to get a job done well and on time. If a disagreement about work or payment arises, there are a variety of legal ways to solve it.

How to avoid stressful legal situations on construction projects

Construction projects, as we all know, are extremely complicated. Millions of dollars are often at stake, tens if not hundreds of workers involved, safety concerns to be resolved and a complex set of requirements. Because of this, legally binding contracts are not just an annoying formality, but a necessity to protect everyone involved. What's more, it can be extremely stressful when you do not abide by the legal formality requirements, so it's important that you are prepared for the sake of your own convenience.

Construction law: Understanding abbreviations and acronyms

A storm of alphabetical letters arranged in various ways assault people looking at pieces of important documentation. Construction contracts are no exception and contain a wide array of acronyms and abbreviations. Even a simple discussion with contractors can leave property owners puzzling over some of the terminology used.

What are some important considerations in construction contracts?

Arguably, the leading reason that construction problems occur is that the involved parties do not share the same expectations. This can happen even when a contract exists between the parties. Disagreements may arise because one or more parties did not understand the terms of the contract. Conflicts may also happen because the construction contract was not drafted properly and lacked clear language.

Miami passes solar panel law for new builds and some renovations

A groundbreaking new construction law proposal is now a reality for residents in South Miami who are looking to build a new home. Recently, the City Commission passed a law requiring new home builds to incorporate solar energy into their design and construction. The new law also applies to certain renovation projects as well.

When architects make mistakes: What to watch for

Architects play a foundational role in construction projects. They create both the big-picture vision as well as the all-important details of the finished structure. Considering their work combines aesthetics, math and science, it's no wonder architects undergo such intensive training and education.

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