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domestic violence Archives

Stabbing suspect showed pattern of domestic violence

Domestic violence can encompass a wide variety of crimes and offenses. At its most basic level, verbal abuse and physical threats can constitute a pattern of domestic violence. These incidents must be investigated and confronted before they become a far greater hazard.

Florida sheriff's deputy witnesses domestic violence

Violence often seems like a foreign concept because it is happening to other people, or at least outside the home or office. It is difficult to see -- or report -- when physical, verbal or emotional violence has entered the home and is affecting someone close to the perpetrator.

Navigating firearms possession in divorce cases involving allegations of abuse, violence

Previously, we briefly commented on how firearms would be handled in a Florida divorce cases. As we noted, firearms are generally dealt with as other marital assets, but exactly how firearms they are divided depends on the circumstances of the case and whether the couple seeking dissolution can agree on how to handle distribution of firearms that may have significant value.  

Florida stylists watch for signs of domestic violence

There are some people who provide services but who also become friends. Many people have a favorite server, bartender or barista who always seems to remember their favorite menu items and understand their personal troubles. This is why some states have begun training beauty professionals to look and listen for signs that their customers are victims of domestic violence. Some in Florida wonder when such a program will be funded statewide.

Yet another ugly allegation made in the Pitt-Jolie divorce

If you read the news or browse social media sites, chances are pretty good that you know that actor Brad Pitt and actress Angelina Jolie are getting divorced. Unsurprisingly, there have been numerous allegations and suspicions raised in the media as to the reason why they are splitting. Everything from drug abuse to infidelity has been named as a factor in the decision.

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