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construction defects Archives

New condos are especially prone to construction defects

New condominiums are appealing to buyers for many reasons. They have the fresh sparkle of a never-been-lived-in home, but without the maintenance, yard work and landscaping responsibilities that come with a single-family home. They often include attractive amenities like pools, fitness centers and common areas. They provide the opportunity to participate in a community that has been built from the ground up. And, one would think, they're free from the costly repairs that often plague older homes.

Insurance coverage of construction defect-related damages not always straightforward matter

Recently, we discussed on this blog the topic of Assignment of Benefits agreements, and some of the things contractors need to keep in mind when entering into these agreements to ensure they have reasonable prospects of recovering costs incurred in home repairs. A recent Florida insurance dispute finally settled by the Florida Supreme Court highlights the type of issues that can come up in insurance disputes.

Construction defects, questionable ethics plague hi-rise project

Despite the fact that a major downtown project is 70 percent complete, the Tampa Housing Authority fired the contractor of a $26 million apartment building. The THA claimed the project was bogged down with inadequate management and construction defects. The Florida contractor also pleaded guilty to fraud in a public housing kickback scheme. With the dismissal of the construction company, the project came to a halt.

Use walkthroughs to get the most out of your building contract

For those eager to see the blueprints of a project evolve from sketched images to an inhabitable structure, the construction process can seem endless. It's often tempting to push deadlines and provide financial incentives to hasten the process along. However, those seeking too quick a turnaround may end up disappointed when it comes to the end quality.

Claim: Miami Beach cultural center condo unit riddled with construction defects, P.1

We have previously written on this blog on the issue of construction defects, particularly defects involving condominium units. As we’ve noted, condo defects are not an uncommon occurrence, and can be a pain to deal with, particularly when the developer or seller fails to disclose defects as required by law.

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