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Subcontractor's lien determined valid by a Florida court

Disputes can arise in construction projects all the time. Complicated projects that require a variety of subcontractors and specialties need to fit together under competent management to get a job done well and on time. If a disagreement about work or payment arises, there are a variety of legal ways to solve it.

Liens are possibly the most powerful device for ensuring resolution of construction disputes. In Florida, a subcontractor may request a lien if a notice to the owner (NTO) was submitted within 45 days of commencing work. A recent case shows the state's court's somewhat lenient approach to NTO contents in furtherance of securing subcontractors' rights to liens.

Is divorce the right option for you and your spouse?

Married relationships are never easy. Fights happen, tensions occur and there will always be times when you feel distanced from your partner. This sentiment occurs even in the healthiest of relationships. When do you get to the point where you know that you are at the end of the road and the only option is divorce? It is difficult to say.

This blog will provide a brief overview into how to figure out whether your relationship is headed for divorce and what you should do about it.

Crane collapses bring attention to construction law

There are many parties responsible for the execution of a complex or large development project. Owners and operators often require legal protection for construction companies and their assets on property where development is happening.

Recent environmental disasters have brought the issues of high-value construction equipment to attention in Florida. Heavy winds associated with a hurricane ripped three cranes apart on residential buildings under construction in Miami.

Construction dispute delays opening of Florida timeshare tower

Most cases involving construction litigation or disputes occur between a property owner and the contractors hired to work on the property. However, sometimes a dispute can arise between a property owner and one or more entities that are not connected in any way.

This is what has happened in Florida's Orange County. Westgate, a "timeshare giant" has completed work on a tower near the Orange County Convention Center. However, Westgate has not been allowed to open its tower because it is embroiled in a dispute with a neighboring private property owner.

How to avoid stressful legal situations on construction projects

Construction projects, as we all know, are extremely complicated. Millions of dollars are often at stake, tens if not hundreds of workers involved, safety concerns to be resolved and a complex set of requirements. Because of this, legally binding contracts are not just an annoying formality, but a necessity to protect everyone involved. What's more, it can be extremely stressful when you do not abide by the legal formality requirements, so it's important that you are prepared for the sake of your own convenience.

This blog will provide a brief overview into what steps to take in order to avoid stressful litigation when it comes to construction projects.

Stabbing suspect showed pattern of domestic violence

Domestic violence can encompass a wide variety of crimes and offenses. At its most basic level, verbal abuse and physical threats can constitute a pattern of domestic violence. These incidents must be investigated and confronted before they become a far greater hazard.

Police in Palm Bay are investigating the circumstances of a knife attack that left one woman dead and another injured just before noon on a recent Sunday. Patrolmen responded to a call from local residents to find a grisly scene.

Thank you: strength in the aftermath of Harvey, Irma

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma swept across the coast with fury. The devastation they caused is obvious, upending the lives of those who live in Texas and Florida. While "ordinary" and "normal" may not be words spoken for some time, you can find moments of extraordinary human character in the uncommon.

Headlines often focus on the damage, but hidden among the bad news are stories of strength, good works and community. We'd like to take a moment to recognize some of these people.

Construction law: Understanding abbreviations and acronyms

A storm of alphabetical letters arranged in various ways assault people looking at pieces of important documentation. Construction contracts are no exception and contain a wide array of acronyms and abbreviations. Even a simple discussion with contractors can leave property owners puzzling over some of the terminology used.

While no one expects you to become an authority on construction law and the contractual use of acronyms/abbreviations, you should make sure you know what all those confusing letters mean. Sometimes a construction contract comes with a cheat sheet listing acronyms and their meanings, but other times it may be up to you to figure it all out. Misunderstanding these terms could lead to a dispute between you and your contractors resulting in delays or even stoppages.

When are marriages most vulnerable to divorce?

You've heard the grim statistics about the divorce rates in the United States. But there is a glimmer of hope, as the most recent census indicated that the divorce rate appears to be leveling off after decades of it increasing.

More married couples are sticking together long enough to celebrate their 10-year anniversaries. But all is not perfect, as the "seven-year itch" is still a factor in the 50 percent of first marriages that wind up on the rocks.

Establishing a durable power of attorney in Florida

It is an important part of a full life to plan for the disposition of one's assets and liabilities towards the end of life. Florida's high population of aging citizens has made the state a center for estate law and other services that help people plan to disburse their property and money according to their wishes.

Many people choose to assign a legally recognized representative to act on their behalf if they become unable or unreliable to act for themselves. This person has the "power of attorney," which allows him or her to manage, sell or invest the assets of a senior or disabled citizen.

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